Charlie in Julington CreekSunshine Boys, LLC Landscape Design and Lawn Service have been serving St. Johns and Mandarin since 2000. For over 15 years, we’ve been trimming, pruning, fertilizing and maintaining beautiful, lush yards throughout the southern Jacksonville suburbs. Locally owned and operated, Sunshine Boys provides year-round lawn care, landscaping and other yard services for both commercial and residential properties.

We take care of our home-owners, whether resident or out-of-state. We maintain our clients’ yards with strict professionalism!

People hire us and stick with us, because

  1. We’re fully licensed and insured
  2. The same professional crew shows up week after week; a crew that knows your yard and remembers the shrubs from year to year
  3.  We’ll fix the sprinkler timing dials so that the water only comes on when you want it to
  4.  We have top of the line mowers, trimmers and blowers, so your yard won’t suffer from jagged, un-maintained blades
  5. We work until you love it! And, if by accident we drop a palm leaf onto your old Christmas poinsettia, we’ll replace it with a basked on pansies!!

When you’re happy, we’re happy, and we don’t stop tweaking the plan until you have the garden you’re really proud of.