Welcome to The Sunshine Boys Lawn Maintenance LLC,  Landscape Design and Lawn Mowing Service, where we pride ourselves on the best lawn care and lawn services in Jacksonville! We have over 15 years experience in St Johns, FL with green lawns, no matter what kind of grass you have. Most people have St. Augustine grass – a fussy plant that can be over-watered as often as under-watered.  This thing loves to root rot, and bugs like it too.  If your builder put in St. Augustine grass, you need a professional like me, pronto! Yes, it grows like a weed, and then gives up… just as quick.

We offer complete, dependable, professional lawn care services for commercial and residential properties all year round. No matter the season, we’ll keep you in the green! We provide quality service at a fair price; our lawns always look live and well, providing a lush welcome to any visitor and giving your home the neatest, nicest yard in the neighborhood!

A Longstanding Client: Lawn Care & Property Maintenance, etc.


Just a few of the many I’ve received over the last 15+ years

“Our lawn is always the greenest on the block! We have had Charley and his Sunshine Boys Lawn Maintenance team working on our yard for over 3 years now. Every time I approach my house I feel proud of how clean and well-maintained we look.  It’s a great feeling. I don’t have to keep up with the Jones; they have to keep up with me!!”

Beth O'Brian

Julington Creek, Residential

I am so impressed with the way Sunshine Boys Lawn Maintenance keep things neat and tidy each week. The edges of the lawn are nice and straight. The guys are very polite.

Myrna Hanraty

Mandarin, FL, Residential

It is good to have the Sunshine boys swing by each week in the summer. The truck makes me smile as I remember the song. I really like the way they take care of everything in our whole yard. All we have to do is pick the flowers… that Charlie even plants for us,. All I do is leave the pots in the place I want them. I heartily recommend Charlie and his Sunshine Boys Lawn Maintenance Team.

Rick Maggiore

Fruit Cove, FL, Residential

It’s a good day when Charley and The Sunshine Boys come round to trim our yard! The trees are well-tended and the lawn always green. Plus, Charley understands the sprinkler system and can make it do anything he wants. I am not so smart. My husband and I recommend the Sunshine Boys Lawn Maintenance whenever we can. He’s a great guy and the team does excellent work.

Juliet Johnson

St Johns, FL, Residential

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I cut my lawn?

As part of quality lawn care, regular cutting with a professionally maintained mower (i.e. sharp blades, so that the blades don’t tear the grass out of the ground) should be observed and the grass should be cut to an even height. Cutting your lawn once per week should be sufficient. Here in North Florida, we do roughly 40 cuts a year.

Why do landscapers sometimes rake a lawn?

Usually, this is done to remove dead grass. Many people only rake their lawn in the late fall as the leaves begin to cover their yard, but a part of effective lawn care requires that lawns by raked periodically. Unless it’s St. Augustine grass and then the whole thing will come up!

Does lawn care require that I water my lawn?

In Jacksonville, FL? YES!  But be careful. Most of our lawns are St. Augustine grass, which is cheap for the builder to install, yet not so easy to maintain.  You can over-water the grass just as easily as under-water it.  

So if you have brown spots in your lawn, it could be any number of reasons.  Always check with your landscaper to make sure that your irrigation system is timed correctly, Or if you’re setting up a hose, keep your eye on the weather.

I have a dog and he is reeking havoc on the yard. How can I replant my lawn with success?

Dogs and a beautifully maintained lawn do not always coexist.  But it is possible. When you replant your lawn, consider using seeds that are specifically engineered for high traffic areas. Other factors that may worsen the effect that your dog is having on the grass may include a chain dragging the lawn and exposing the dirt surface below. If your dog is prone to digging, consult the local pet store. And, maybe you consider this 11- Step program.

Should I use harsh chemicals on my lawn in order to rid it of pests and insects?

Many experts agree that this is a bad idea for several reasons

  1. Children. If you have children who play in the yard, this may be unhealthy for them.
  2. Pets.  The same is true of pets, who make it a habit of digging or even eating grass at times.
  3. In addition, harsh chemicals often do more harm than good to your lawn and are certainly no friend of the environment. Instead, try a bug light or other means of ridding your lawn of insects and other pests.

It’s usually best to consult your lawn care professional. In my case, I have reviewed a variety of products carefully, and only use what works in St Johns, FL.  We have our own ecosystem in North East Florida and its taken years of experimentation to get something I know works.

Call me at 904-287-9643 for more information.

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